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100 miles of fun and food with Joanne! (6/10/12)

100 miles of fun and food with Joanne! (6/10/12)


Joanne got a little crazy with cycling in May (because of May is Bike Month). She started thinking about doing her first century ride. Since I needed to get some long rides in (training for a double), I offered to take her out on a century ride.   Because our ride would not be an official supported ride, I decided to make sure we had yummy food places to stop at during the ride.

The ride turned out to be quite the day of riding around and eating.  A fun day spent with my dear friend Joanne.  She's also become such a strong rider now. She makes me super proud!

The Ride

Folsom Bike to Trailhead Coffee & Bikes (Penryn, CA)

Joanne and I roll out from Folsom Bike and start heading towards the foothills.  It is a nice sunny morning.  We chit chat about various things, laughing a bit as we typically do when we are together.

Joanne talks about how our friend Lourdes always gets a Chocolate croissant when she rides to Trailhead.  However, Lourdes always takes it to go.

Trailhead Coffee & Cycling Lounge

In not too long, we arrive to Trailhead.  After all that talk about croissants, Joanne gets a chocolate croissant and I get an almond croissant.  The almond croissant is delicious!  I am going to have to come back to get more of those!  Yum!

As we hang out eating a bit, I look at the map on my phone to see where I want to take Joanne next.  I am thinking we will head up to Auburn.  

Trailhead to Ikeda's (Auburn, CA)

We ride up Taylor Road and head into the hills in North Auburn.  As we ride along, Joanne talks about the Felt Bike she test rode from Victory Velo a week or so ago.  Ever since then, she has been yearning to buy that bike.  She really wants to go back to Victory Velo.  She talks about going there today and switching out her bike.

We ride the easy side of Ridge Road.  Then, we climb up Chili Hill, Bald Hill, and Mount Vernon.  I have ridden out here before but it's been awhile so I don't remember the hills so well.  This is a bit more climbing that I had intended to do.  But, Joanne seems to be doing okay as we ride up and down these hills.  We stop here and there.  It is beautiful out today.  Both her and I are enjoying the peaceful countryside.

As we near downtown Auburn, Joanne really wants to go to Victory Velo.  She says she needs to buy an extra bike tube.  I tell her I have extra in my bike.  But, she is adamant about going to Victory Velo.  I think she wants that Felt bike.

We get to Victory Velo but it is not open yet.  Joanne is disappointed.  She peeks through the glass trying to catch a glimpse of the Felt bike she's been yearning for.

I eventually convince her that we need to keep riding.  We are almost to our next stop.  We ride a couple miles and arrive to Ikeda's.

At Ikeda's, Joanne gets a yummy grilled cheese sandwich.  I get some delicious berry pie topped with vanilla ice cream.  Ikeda's is known for their yummy pies so why not treat myself.

Ikeda's to Newcastle Produce

We leave Ikeda to ride some more.  We ride a little up into North Auburn and enjoy a few fun descents.  In order to get some extra miles in, I take Joanne out towards Lincoln on Virginiatown Road.  We ride out around Lincoln.  Joanne is continuing to ride pretty strong.  I have to really work to keep up with her.  My knees are aching.  I feel like they have not quite recovered from my four day cycling insanity in May.

We pass through Lincoln and head along the Lincoln-Newcastle Highway, Highway 193.  This road is a lot hillier than I remember it.  The day is getting hot too.  At some point Joanne stops along the side of the road to catch her breath and drink some water.  I think both her and I are running low on water now.  This extra loop towards Lincoln is a bit longer than I had intended.

We eventually make our way into Newcastle and head to the Newcastle Produce and Deli.  Inside, it is very nicely air conditioned.  This is my first time inside here.  All the food looks so good.

We grab lunch here.  We both get some sandwiches and such.  And of course, I drink a nice cold Coke.

After enjoying a nice lunch, we refill our water bottles and get ready to ride some more.

Newcastle Produce to Icing on a Cupcake (Rocklin)

We head down Taylor Road towards Rocklin.  Joanne knows our next destination is Icing on a Cupcake.  The direct route is not so far from Newcastle.  However, I am still trying to make this a century ride so not too far off from where Icing on a Cupcake is, I have us turn away and riding around Rocklin for a bit.

The day is getting might warm but Joanne is still riding along pretty strong.  I am doing what I can to keep up with her.  Man, she has gotten fast in the past month or so.  I just kind of make up where we are riding.  Turn here and turn there.  We pass by a nice park.

Eventually, we loop our way back to Icing on a Cupcake.

We head inside the air conditioned building feeling quite roasted from the sun.  The kind gals there refill our water bottles with ice and water.  Super nice gals!

Joanne and I get a couple cupcakes.  Joanne eats a chocolate cupcake, minus the frosting.  I eat a vanilla cupcake.  It is a nice tasty treat.

Though, I think both of us are pretty tired from the day and ready to finish up this ride.

Rocklin back to Folsom

We leave Rocklin and start riding back to Folsom.  Joanne's Garmin has her mileage shorter than my Garmin.  I take a few extra turns on some of the roads to add some miles.  As we ride along, Joanne's Garmin continues to spaz out.  It would auto-pause even though we are moving.  I try to get us to ride a few extra miles so that she can finish at 100 miles.

We eventually get back to Folsom Bike with my Garmin saying 101 miles and hers saying something less.  But, I don't think she wants to ride anymore.

So, Joanne finishes her first century.  I am proud of her.  It was fun spending the day riding around with her.  Kind of fun to just make up the route as we go too.  And, of course, we had some nice food stops along the way.  :)

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