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Four Bridges Half Marathon: Sean's Make Up Half Marathon (October 28, 2012)

Four Bridges Half Marathon
Sean's Make Up Half Marathon
October 28, 2012


Sean, one of the Up and Running Again participants, was supposed to run the Urban Cow Half Marathon a few weeks ago.  However, the night before the race, he got a really bad stomach bug.  Unfortunately, he was unable to make the race start.  In training, I had become friends with Sean and watched him train hard.  I knew he could finish a half marathon and knew he would be disappointed in not getting to start.  I had looked forward to seeing him finish and knew he deserved to get a race finish. 

So, I signed Sean up for the Four Bridges Half Marathon as a make-up race.  Larry signed up too so we could both pace Sean in his first half marathon and get him his finish.  

The Race

As we are getting ready to start, Sean realizes that in his rush to get to the start, he put on two different running shoes on his feet.  One is a little smaller than the other shoe.  It is too late to change so we just go to the start.  

The first wave takes off and we wait in the second wave.  The gun goes off and off we go.  

The first part is a nice long downhill towards the south side of Lake Natoma.  Sean is running at a pretty brisk pace.  We run along until we hit the bike trail.  

As I hit the bike trail, I see my friend Lhia standing on the side cheering folks on.  I say hey to her as I pass by.  

We run along the south side of Lake Natoma pretty well.  Sean is keeping a pretty good 9-ish minute/mile pace.  He is feeling good and confident about things.  We pass a few people I know who yell out "Go Helen!" or "Hey Helen!"  Sean and Larry tease me for knowing so many people.  They say everyone seems to know Helen.  Another person cheers out to me.  Sean and Larry continue the joking about how I am Miss Popular.  Sean jokes talking in third person "Go Sean!"  And, for some reason, I am seeing a lot of people I know out at the run today.  It is probably because this is a race on a place I frequently run.  

We hit the first bridge, the bouncy bridge.  I tell Sean that we call it the bouncy bridge as when lots of runners are on it, the bridge really bounces.  I don't like the bounce so much so I sprint across it.  Sean is still running pretty well.  We continue running along.

We cross the wooden bridge and eventually make our way up Hazel Bridge.  Sean tells us that his right foot is starting to bother him.  He can feel the tightness and that the shoe is a bit too small and his toes are starting to feel squished.  We keep running along, still at a decent pace.  

As we run along the north side of Lake Natoma, a cyclist comes riding through, weaving through all the runners.  He weaves to the left and then to the right of different runners.  I think it would be much easier to cycle on the streets rather than on the bike trail during a race.  Sean comments that we have douche #1.  Prior to the race, Sean had asked if the bike trail would be closed.  I said there are signs about the bike trail is closed for races but there is always someone who does not care and will still try to ride through a race.  

A little later, another cyclist comes riding through yelling "ON YOUR LEFT!" every few seconds as he tries to make his way through a running race.  Sean says douche #2.  We see a couple more cyclists as we run along and Sean continues counting them.  

Sean's right foot is really starting to bother him.  Larry is urging him to keep going.  I can tell Sean is not looking so comfortable and his pace is starting to slow.  I can tell he is struggling to keep going.  He tells me how his toes and leg are starting to cramp up.

We get near Negro Bar and I see my friends Dayna and Jami.  We run together for a little bit.  Sean tells them how he's hurting and struggling but Dayna and Jami tell Sean how great he's doing for his first half marathon.  I think the encouragement is helpful to Sean.  He continues running along as best as he can.

As we near Rainbow Bridge, we start hitting a hill.  It's all uphill to the finish.  Larry wants Sean to start kicking things up and tells him to finish strong.  I can tell Sean is suffering badly so I just tell him he's almost there.  He trudges along still running, though slower than before.  

We weave our way up the trail to the Folsom Rodeo.  There's a huge crowd there and Sean crosses into the finish!

Sean finished 2:16:49!  His first half marathon finish!


Shortly after Sean finished, he took off his shoes.  I was very proud of him pushing through the pain and finishing the race.  He still had a great first half marathon time!  His kids were there to greet him after he finished and seemed happy for him.

It was a fun day running with Sean and Larry.  It was too bad Sean didn't get to race with the rest of the Up and Running Again group but I am happy that Sean got his well earned race finish!  :)

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