Friday, June 24, 2016

Preggo Again!

Preggo Again!

Found out about a week ago that I'm pregnant again with baby #2.  Due around mid-February.  Been feeling a little tired lately but so far, not as sick as I was with baby #1.  I'm excited.  It'll be nice to have my two kids close in age.  

As far as running, I feel like I was just getting back to my pre-baby speed.  I finished Canyons 100k last month feeling strong.  I felt like that race was the return of my old ultra self.  After Canyons, I've been focused on getting my road speed back and had goals to great a marathon PR later this year.  I ran a unofficial half marathon with Roseville/Rocklin MRTT a couple weeks ago and broke 2 hours.  I hadn't broken 2 hours in a half marathon in three years!  It felt great to be getting my speed back.  

Now that I'm pregnant again, I feel that my training focus will change again.  I had planned to run a fast CIM in December, hoping to PR.  Now, in December, I'll be 7.5 months pregnant.  No way I'm going to PR then.  I'll have to adjust to getting slower again and have to wait until next year to rebuild.  It's a bit of a mental adjustment to accept I'm pregnant again and my running plans for the year will need to change. 

And of course, I think about Western States.  Last time I was pregnant, I got into Western States and I couldn't run it since the baby was born in June (same month as States).  This time, I feel like I'm going to get picked in December.  And again, I won't be able to train properly.  But, I'll be four months postpartum.  But, I think I could do it this time.  I did RDL 100 at 5 months postpartum.  States is obviously harder but I could do a bit of hiking training before I am able to run again.  Anyhow, I guess we'll see what happens in the lottery in December.  If I get picked, I'll try for it.  If I don't, I plan to run RDL again in November (2017) to get a qualifier.    

I just wrapped up week 5 of pregnancy and got in 21.96 miles.
Total miles during this pregnancy (not counting first 2 weeks) = 122.3 miles

This past week, I didn't run too much as I've been tired and busy.  But, I have been trying to get up early and run with the dog (and baby in the stroller) more.  I've been running more than my last pregnancy so that's nice.  At this time last pregnancy, I had only run 18.15 miles.  Then, I was preoccupied with my wedding and honeymoon so didn't get much running in.  It was hard last pregnancy to go from completely out of shape from a couple months of not running to start running again.  I think it'll be easier this pregnancy (hopefully) since I won't have to rebuild from scratch.  I have a good base and I'll just do my best to keep in shape.  I won't be running anything crazy long or crazy fast.  Just running will be good.   
Run on 6/22 with Ellie (in stroller) and Lyla (dog

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