Friday, December 2, 2016

Preggo Week 28 Recap

Preggo Week 28 Recap
(November 26-December 2, 2016)

Had a pretty good week this week.  I didn't run too many miles this week since I'm tapering for CIM on Sunday.  

On Monday, I had my 28 week prenatal appointment.  Everything is looking good with the baby.  I had to do the glucose test and have blood work done but everything came back as normal so I'm happy about that.  The baby has been moving around a lot more, wiggling all over.  :) 

My highlight of the week was when KCRA Deirdre Fitzpatrick contacted me wanting to do a story on me and how I'll be running CIM while 7 months pregnant.  Deirdre and a camera man met up with me, Ellie and a couple MRTT friends on Wednesday to do the interview and take a few running shots of us.  And, the show aired this morning on the news.  

It was really nice meeting Deirdre Fitzpatrick.  She's a very nice lady.  It was fun running around with my friends Johanna and Roxana while they took shots of us.  I feel like I just rambled a bit when Deirdre interviewed me so not sure how well I presented myself.  But, I was touched by the nice things Johanna and Roxana said about me during their interviews.   


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Many friends and family watched the story and said some wonderful things to me.  It was nice to see but I was more excited seeing my Ellie made it on tv than seeing myself on tv.  But, I am glad I can be an inspiration to some people, especially fellow running moms.  

I want to say thank you to: Deirdre Fitzpatrick for taking an interest in me and making a story out of it; my friend Misty (and fellow MRTT friends) for suggesting me to Deirdre; Roxana and Johanna for coming out to support me during the interview and saying such wonderful things about me; and to the many friends and loved ones who sent me nice messages about the story or about me.  Love my running family!  <3

On Friday afternoon, I went to the CIM expo to pick up my bib and my 5 year CIM mug.  I enjoyed checking out some of the vendors, seeing some friends, and having a few strangers come up to me saying they had seen me on the news.   

I am looking forward to CIM on Sunday.  Every year has been a different experience for me but all my experiences with CIM have been memorable.  I do feel like a lot of attention will be at me because of the pregnancy and the KCRA story.  It's nice but it does add a little more pressure to do well.  And I know, just getting to the finish is doing pretty well.  But, I really want to get a pregnant marathon PR (by getting under 5:48) though it's hard to predict how my body will feel during the race.  I have noticed myself slowing down more and there are different aches that occur when you're pregnant.

All of this attention on me running CIM pregnant has me remembering how when I was 8 months pregnant with Ellie, I ran the Miner's Revenge 25k.  It was a relatively small trail race.  Before the race, the race director saw me and came up to me and excitedly commented on how I'll be running the race pregnant.  Afterwards, during his pre-race announcement, he pointed me out to all the racers and how I am pregnant so be nice to me out there.  During the race, many fellow racers shouted words of encouragement to me.  I have a feeling it'll be like that at CIM, but even more so since the race has thousands of people racing.

Anyhow, we'll just see what happens.  :)

Total miles for week 28: 17.19 miles
Total miles for this pregnancy: 623.04 miles

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