Saturday, January 7, 2012

TBF New Year's Duathlon (1/7/12)

Total Body Fitness (TBF) puts on a free duathlon at the beginner of the year. It's a fun event. You run 2 miles, bike 7 miles, and run another 2 miles. I did it last year and had fun. But, boy was it COLD! This year, weather was warmer and it seemed to have gotten more popular. Or, I just befriended more athletic friends in the past year. Whatever the reason, I got to see a lot more friends doing this event than the year before. Made it even more fun!

Before the race, I ran a little bit around then met up with my fellow Java Joggers. We did our warm up run together. It was fun as it kind of felt like we were doing our usual weekend run. My cyclist friends thought it was silly we would do such a "lengthy" warm up run when the first run is only 2 miles. I told them the shorter the race, the longer the warm up run. My running friends understand this.

This duathlon reminded as to why I prefer doing the longer distance events over the shorter ones. This one hurt! The shorter distances, you sprint and go all out rather than pace oneself.

The race started and I took off on the first run. Went running 7 min/miles. I think I might have ran a little harder than I should have but hard not to when the run is only 2 miles.

I finished the run and scurried off on my bike. My cycling legs had not quite recovered from the Beatty smack down. Every hill I hit was just tough and legs were aching like crazy every time I came out of the saddle to push myself up the hill. But, I kept pushing myself as it's only a 7 mile bike ride.

Halfway in the ride, I felt my right foot twinge a little bit. I could tell it was wanting to cramp up. I tried to ease up on the pace a little bit since I still had to run after the ride. As I rolled into transition, I unclip my foot and my whole foot and leg cramp up. I drag myself to the bike rack and rack my bike up. I grip the bike rack for dear life as my leg cramps up. Oh man, my marathons didn't hurt this bad! I hobble my way out of transition and eventually get to the water station. I ask for some electrolytes. I get a power gel and drink some gatorade and off I go.

I felt like I was running super slow. My legs felt really heavy and achy. I was just dragging myself along. Actually, I was not running that slow. I averaged 8:30's on my second run. The first mile was just painful. Eventually, my running legs found their groove and I got going in the second mile. Coming into the finish, I gave it all I got.

I finished. Cramped some more. Told myself, this is why I don't like short distance races. This is why I rather run a 50k over a 5k (which I have never done).

Last year, I finished this duathlon in 1:10:07. This year, I finished in 58:59. Both my running and cycling have improved greatly in one year. It's nice to do these events just to see how much progress I have made. But, I think I will aim to do longer distance events.

The post-race was fun hanging out and seeing numerous friends (both running and cycling friends).

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