Sunday, January 1, 2012

It Gets Crazy in 2012!

Two years ago, I decided to train for a sprint triathlon. Rather than resolve to exercise more or to get into shape, I made a goal to do a triathlon in September 2010. Back then, I could hardly run, bike, or swim. I started from scratch. It was tough but somewhere along the way, I got hooked into the endurance sports.

In 2011, I decided I would try to do at least one event a month. I started off running a few half marathons. By late spring and summer, things started getting a little crazy. I was most definitely hooked on the running, especially the distance running. My cycling started to get better too. And, I enjoyed the swimming, though slow as molasses in the water.

In 2011, I completed my first two marathons, biked my first century, and completed two Olympic distance triathlons. I did quite a number of other events as well but what I had set out to do, I accomplished even more than that. This pleased me. I was amazed as to how much one can improve over a year.

So, for 2012, the stakes have been raised even higher! Most of my friends think I am completely crazy now with all my running and cycling (still trying to get better on the swimming). But, I am going to take crazy to a whole new level.

Some goals for 2012:

-complete an ultra-marathon (namely, a 50k). I got into the lottery for Way Too Cool 50k! So, I will be doing that in March. However, I am looking to do Tahoe Rim 50k (in July) and maybe Run on the Sly 50k (in August; I ran the 20 mile race last year and really enjoyed it so we'll see).

-get the California Triple Crown (that's finishing three double centuries in a year). Feel like I tested my running endurance last year with a lot of running events so this year, I want to test my cycling endurance. Haven't figured out which three doubles I want to ride in this year but I plan to do at least three and earn that triple (crazy) crown. :)

-ride the Death Ride. Death Ride is in the California mountains. 129 miles with 15,000 feet of climbing. It's crazy but I am doing it. Signed up with a bunch of my Hammerin' Wheels friends. I am excited that we'll be training and doing the event together!

-ride in the Northern California AIDS Cycle. felt like doing a charity event this year and someone suggested this and it really appealed to me. The monies raised goes to the local community rather than some generic AIDS organization. It's 330 miles in 4 days. It should be a fun, memorable event for a good cause. The funny thing is that I am not so much worried about riding the 330 miles as I am raising the $2000. I was never so good at fundraising but I am going to give it my best shot. (By the way, if you're interested in donating or seeing how much I have raised so far, you can check out this link:

-finish a half ironman distance triathlon. I really want to do Wildflower Half Ironman this year so I have my eye on that one. But, I will do at least one half ironman distance triathlon. That's 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run.

So, we'll see how this year turns out as I take crazy to a whole new level! :)

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