Monday, August 27, 2012

My Dog's First Race: Woofstock 3k (August 26, 2012)

Earlier in August, Craig and I got a dog.  Her name is Lyla.  She's a little over a year old.  A pit & lab mix.  She's high energy and so far, looks to be a good running dog. 

I have taken her out a running a few times and she seems to do mostly okay running.  I think she can run a lot more but I want to build her up properly. 

On August 26, 2012, there was a dog event in Rocklin called Woofstock.  A big event full of booths/tents of dog things.  One of the activities during this event was the Grateful Dog 3k Walk/Run.  So, we took Lyla out there to participate in her first running event. 

The Race

At the start of the race, Lyla is super excited to see so many other dogs around.  It is a little tricky getting her to stay still as she wants to drag me out to greet all the dogs.  But, I try to hold her still at the starting area.  I move our way towards the front of the group as I know she'll really want to run. 

They count down to the start. 3, 2, 1, GO!  A little boy goes running out in front leading the race and we shortly follow.  Lyla immediately goes into a sprint and I have to hold firm on her leash as we sprint out in front of  the crowds. 

As we go, another runner with a dog gets near us and Lyla starts to pull towards the other dog.  The other dog owner falls back a little to give our dogs some space.  The other runner comments on what an interesting stride our dog has and says he believes our dog can run 10 miles without losing any energy. 

We eventually separate from the other dog and runner.  Lyla gets back to running straight and she is focused on the boy ahead of us. 

Since we are in the lead and the little boy looks so excited to be in front, I try to let the boy stay ahead and hold firm on Lyla's leash to not have her pass the little boy.  Lyla is pulling hard as she is running, really wanting to catch the little boy.  The boy hears us getting closer and I see him start to run harder.  I really have to hold Lyla back. 

Unfortunately, the boy runs out of steam and starts to slow down and we pass the boy.  Lyla runs around the loop. 

The course is two loops so we begin the second loop.  The second loop is tricky as people are still walking their dogs in the first loop.  We have to pass these walkers and dogs.  Lyla goes flying past them.  I do my best to stay with her and steer her to pass on the left side.  At one point, she darts in between a couple to my right and the leash wraps around this man's body and I am pulled right into him.  After untangling myself, I apologize as Lyla continues to run the race. 

We get near the finish and we come off the dirt path and hit the paved path. I trip and fall, scraping my knee.  I let go of the leash during my fall and am surprised to see Lyla stop running.  She turns and walks over to me as I pick myself back up.  I am glad she didn't run away. 

We then start running together again and finish the race.  She finishes first!   And, still full of energy to run a whole lot more! 

Not too bad of a first running event.  Hopefully, we can find more in the future to do together!  Ihope to build her up to start running a lot longer distances too!  :)

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