Monday, August 20, 2012

Trail Running Run with Diane...Run the Sly (August 19, 2012)

Trail Running Fun With Diane!  

Run on the Sly (August 19, 2012)

A year ago, I ran Run on the Sly 20 Mile Run.  It my first taste of true trail running.  I unknowingly knew what I was getting myself into.  I thought it would be a good training run for the marathon I had coming up.  Next thing I knew, I was in the middle of the race, hiking up hills, running out of water, not sure what I had gotten myself into.  But then, I arrived at an aid station with a table full of food and beverages (including soda!).  The volunteer filled up my water bottles.  This was different but I kind of liked it.  If ultra-marathons are like this, I think I want to try them out is what I thought at the time.

Since then, I have gotten more into trail running and have finished two 50k's.  And this time, I knew what I was going to get myself into.  But, this time, I convinced my friend Diane to do the 20 miler.  I also promised that I would stay with her the whole time.  She does not feel the most comfortable on the trails.

We ran the race together and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. The course had some good hills but I remember them being a lot tougher last year than they were today but I think it also helped having a friend to chat with as we hiked up some of the hills.  I have gotten better with my descents so that was fun.  Diane took the descents a little more carefully.

Running by the lake was nice and fun.  I had fun watching Diane try to navigate over rocks over the creek.  I just splashed through the water.

All day, we kept leap frogging another runner...a shirtless male runner from the Bay Area.  He was a friendly energetic fellow out running his longest run ever.  He talked to Diane and I about how he's training for a marathon.  Every time he went by us, he was very cheery and encouraging.  Fun making friends out on the course.

I had seen a few other friends out there running the 50k.  When I saw them, I had kind of wished I had done the 50k too but in the end, I was glad to have spend the day with Diane out on some lovely trails.  I did not run as fast as I had the year prior but I think I had a lot more fun!  Love being out on the trails!

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