Monday, March 30, 2015

30 Weeks Pregnant - Knickerbocker Canyon Trail Half Recap

30 weeks pregnant now!

I finished the Knickerbocker Canyon Trail Half Marathon yesterday and felt great out there.

I saw Tom at Massage Vudoo last week, before the race, and he helped work on my legs and the pain I've been feeling in my shin and calves.  I took it easy during the week and only did walks and/or short jogs with Lyla (my dog).

Race day, I wore compression socks and a buff (as a belly band). The buff has been working great as a belly band in keeping the belly stable during my runs.  The compression socks were definitely helpful as my legs didn't feel as painful as they did during my 10k the weekend prior.

During the race, I felt really happy that I had my running legs back.  The first 10 miles went fairly well.  Even my climb up K2/Training Hill went decent though I took it easier going up as my heart rate definitely goes way up on that climb.

The last three miles were tough as it was getting really hot out and the terrain was super tough.  The trails went all the way down to the river then on some super exposed trails climbing one's way back up to K2.

Less than a mile out, the hill gets super steep and I felt my legs want to cramp a little.  A little more climbing than expected but I kept pushing up and made it to the finish.

After my finish, I felt that wonderful post-race high for most of the afternoon.  So happy I got through the race with not too much pain.  I was pretty dismayed during my 10k when things got to be so challenging and was very grateful that things felt a lot better during this trail half!

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