Monday, April 6, 2015

31 Weeks Pregnant - Volunteering at AR50!

31 weeks pregnant.

Felt nice and sore after the Knickerbocker half so took it easy for the week.  Most of my workouts this week have been short walks or easy jogs around the neighborhood with Lyla in the evenings.  On Sunday evening, I went for a little bit longer run and ran with Lyla along the trails by Robie to ADO.

March ended on Tuesday and I finished another month of run/walking every day for at least one mile.  I racked up a total of 127.75 miles for the month of March!  [I've been on a run/walk streak since the start of the year].  No matter how tired I feel, if I haven't run for the day, I take Lyla out for a night walk and we usually go walking around the high school.  I usually feel better afterwards.

One of my favorite things to do is after our night walk is to sit on my glider bench on my front porch.  It's very relaxing and Lyla likes getting out each night with me.

Last Saturday, I volunteered at the American River 50 Mile Endurance Run (AR50).  The finish line was at ADO, which is pretty close to my house.  So, I walked over there and spent about 7 hours working at the finish line helping mark down the finisher's, handing out finisher's jackets, handing out age group awards and generally cheering people on.

It was really fun volunteering for the day and feeling part of the event.  I've been missing ultras and had been feeling left out of the ultra season so this was a nice way to be in the ultra scene.  I had a great time watching the top finisher's down to the mid pack finisher's.  I especially like seeing the older crowds.  Saw a couple 60-year olds finish and that's super awesome.

Jennifer Benna got the female win and this was super exciting to watch.  She's been an inspiration to me lately as she's a elite runner and a mom.  I had recently watched a video of her talking about running while pregnant and running while being a mom which I appreciated hearing her story.  And, recently, her daughter got really sick and was in the hospital.  The girl is in doing better now but Benna had to focus on being there for the daughter, running being put on the back burner.  Yet, days later, when her daughter is doing okay again, she's out running the race and kicking butt and winning.  What an inspiration to runners and moms out there!

So, a lot less running this week but it was a good week.  Baby is moving a lot more these days and her movements are a lot stronger.  She's usually pretty calm when I'm out moving - be it walking or running.  When I'm sitting or laying, that's when she gets squirmy.  I love feeling her and can't wait to hold her in my arms.

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