Monday, April 20, 2015

33 Weeks Preggo - A Fall!

33 weeks pregnant today.

I feel so much bigger and my ankles are starting to get swollen.  Was hoping to avoid the preggo ankles .  No such luck.

I'm still recovering from my cold.  The cough was pretty rough to deal with this past week as it's hard to cough when there's a baby pressed up into your diaphragm and rib cage.  Every cough makes the side along my ribs ache and of course, the cough is the last part of the wretched cold.

I took it easy for the first half of the week, mostly just doing evening walks.

On Thursday, I was feeling well enough to go out for a run so I went out to run the Stagecoach trail.  On the way down the hill, about a mile down, I tripped over a rock and went down.  Mind you, I'm not that fast of a downhill runner in general so I was going easy but I guess I just wasn't paying enough attention.  I tried so hard to catch myself but you're not quite as agile when you've got a big preggo belly going.  I landed mostly on my side so not directly on belly.

I picked myself up okay and walked a bit to shake things off.  I finished running/hiking down the hill (about another mile) and then did the two miles hike back up.  My friend Jesse and my dog Lyla were with me.  I was feeling fine.  I didn't feel any cramping or pain in the preggo belly region.

I finished up and sat for a little bit and eventually felt baby moving like normal so that was a good thing.  I did not feel any of the symptoms of concerns when you fall (cramping, bleeding, contractions, etc. . . .).  I texted my husband letting him know that I was okay but had taken a fall.  He insisted I call the advice nurse at Kaiser.  So, I did and they said I had to go in.

I went into the hospital and sat in triage attached to a fetal monitor for a couple hours.  They eventually brought in the ultrasound machine and saw that baby and placenta were looking fine.  I was hopeful to be out of there soon.  But, they had some concerns that I was dehydrated and had some contractions (though I didn't feel anything).

Next thing I know, I'm being admitted into the hospital for 24 hour watch just to be sure.  They certainly emphasized multiple times to me that baby is looking great (not that I was really worried as she was squirming and moving around like usual).  However, I had to stay to be monitored, just to be sure.  And for the night and into the next day, I had an IV pumping me full of fluids and a fetal monitor attached to me at all times.

The fall left me pretty bruised all over.  It looked worse than it actually felt.  My knee got scrapped up good and my right side pretty bruised up.  But the pain was not so bad.  Most of my discomfort and pain was just dealing with my cough.  Between the cough and the fetal monitor and/or other machines beeping at me, it was hard to really get any rest while in the hospital.  But, the nurses were super nice in trying to make me as comfortable as possible.  And, my husband did a great job taking care of me too.  It's nice someone worries about me as I probably don't worry about myself as much as I probably should.

I eventually got to go home on Friday evening and finally got to take a much-yearned-for shower and go for a nice walk with the dog.

I was feeling stupid about the fall and not looking forward to dealing with the judgy people that say I shouldn't have been running in the first place.  But, I posted to my pregnant runners facebook group and got a lot of posts from fellow running moms or moms-to-be about how falls can just happen anywhere at any time.  So, that helped me feel a little better about it.  I knew I was fine and was pretty sure baby was fine too (doctor had told me long ago that even if a fall happens on accident, you're pretty well cushioned).  I thought it was just such a big fuss afterwards.  But, I know it's good to be safe and have everything checked out as you never know for certain.

For the weekend, I took it easy and only did short 20 minute-ish walks with the dog.

I did enjoy a lovely baby shower hosted by my sister-in-law.  And, one of my presents is the Bob Stroller (from my in-laws!) so I'm super excited to have that and look forward to running adventures with my baby....rather adventures with her outside of the womb.

Earlier this evening, I volunteered with my Up and Running Again group and did my first post-fall run with them.  We ran on flat street and I ran easy in the mid-pack of the training group but it felt so good to be up and running again.  It's also fun running with the group and seeing them progress as runners.  Two weeks ago, we were doing 5 minutes of running and now they are running 15 minutes straight!

Anyhow, falling hasn't stopped me from getting out there.  I am just going to be more careful while I'm out there.  :)

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