Monday, May 4, 2015

35 Weeks Preggo - Volunteering at the Canyons 100k & First Run with MRTT

Hit 35 weeks pregnant.  Feeling myself getting bigger.

Felt pretty good after doing the Miner's Revenge Trail Run.  Did a little more yoga at home this past week and that was helpful.  I enjoy doing the yoga stretches.  Always feel good after doing yoga but I'm not as consistent as I would like.

I put in some good miles in this past Wednesday and Thursday so I could reach 100 miles for the month of April.  I continue with my run/walk streak since the start of the year where I get out every day and run and/or walk at least one mile.  There are a lot more evenings of me just walking the dog for about 20-ish minutes.  But, it's  good to get out for a little bit every day.

Volunteering at the Canyons Race

On Saturday, I spent about 12 hours volunteering at the Canyons Endurance Runs 50k/100k.  I worked at the finish line inputting runners as they finished into the timing system.  It was a long day but fun watching the various runners.  I had fun day hanging out with the various runners and the UltraLiveTV folks, who were recording the race and providing race updates right next to me all day and evening.

I got to see Rob Krar have an amazing win, completely blowing the field away.  Sometime after he finished, he came over to my area and sat down and hung out for a bit chit chatting with me and other folks.  It was exciting for me to get to talk to him.  He even sat in my chair for a bit!  What I love about ultra running is that the elites aren't like elites in other sports.  You can interact with them and see that they're really ordinary people (putting aside their amazing athletic abilities).  You can have a normal conversation with them about running and stuff.

Other than seeing some elite runners finish strongly, I had fun watching the middle of the pack and the back of the pack finish a pretty tough race.  I stayed until late at night and watched some really tough folks endure through a long day and pull off a finish.  I met this one guy who said around mile 18-20ish, he had decided to quit since his foot was bothering.  He sat at the aid station for about an hour and a half waiting for a ride back to the start.  After a bit, he got bored of waiting and said to himself "Fuck it, I'm going to get going" and decided to continue on the course.  And, in the late hours of the night, he finished the 100k.  That story really amused me and was happy he didn't quit and ended up with a memorable finish.

The race is on much of the Western States course so naturally, it got me thinking about States coming up next month.  While I am excited about my baby coming in a few weeks time, a part of me just yearns for States.  And, I know some other year will be the year I get to really run it (and finish it).  Many friends think it'll be cool if I tow the start line.  I am hoping for a smooth labor and delivery and that I might be able to tow the start line.  To be there for the excitement and energy of THE big dance!

Run with MRTT
On Sunday, I had my first run/hike with the Auburn Chapter of the Mothers Run This Town running group.  Had a nice morning run with two ladies out on the trails by the Auburn Overlook.  We chit chatted about pregnancy, running, and various other things.  It's been nice meeting more moms who run and getting input with them about things.  I look forward to many future adventures with this group!  :)

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