Monday, May 11, 2015

36 Weeks Preggo - Super Swollen Feet and Run Like a Mother 5k

Into my 36th week of pregnancy.  The final stretch!  Baby can technically pretty come at any time now.  I definitely feel bigger and I think my baby has dropped a little as I've been feeling more pressure in my pelvis.  I think I sometimes feel Braxton-Hicks contractions but I'm not too sure.  Nothing consistent to make me too concerned.

I'm still able to kind of run but it's definitely getting harder to do anything too long.  Things have been especially hard this past week because my feet, ankles, and calves have been getting crazy swollen.  I start the day off okay but by the end of the day, I definitely have gianormous feet!  My ankles and feet ache to move when they get so big.  The walking and running does help with some of the circulation and help relieve some of the pressure in my feet but they remain pretty fat.  

I can feel the extra weight I'm carrying in my calves again.  I try to take it easy and have easily been keeping my outings relatively short these days.  

I did start swimming again this past week hoping the water would help.  The swimming has been nice but it only mildly reduced the swelling.  But, I do enjoy being in the water.  Will try to swim a little more from here on out.  The tough part is the pool I swim at is in Rocklin and after a long day of work, especially when I have super giant feet, I don't feel like driving anywhere.  

A lot of people have been giving me advice, whether I ask for it or not.  And I've tried it all and nothing really makes it better.  I've been drinking tons of water.  I put my feet up when I can.  I soak my feet in my foot spa.  I've taken epson baths and even soaked my feet with apple cider vineger.  I've gone swimming.  I've run.  I've walked.  I've tried compression socks (which is the worse as I end up with muffin top legs).  I've iced my feet.  Some of the stuff kind of sort of helps but for me, there's
no real remedy.  Swollen feet is just something that some pregnant women get.  I sometimes feel like all the symptoms one could get while pregnant, I've gotten.  I think it's just the way it is and I just deal with it as best as I can.  

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, I went to Davis to run in the Run Like A Mother 5k.  Sounded like an appropriate race for me to do in my late pregnancy.

I got to Davis and ran/walked a warm up which I'm grateful I did as it does take awhile to get my legs warmed up.  During the race, I ended up being able to run the whole race.  It wasn't fast but I felt good being able to run without walking for the whole race.  And, the last mile, I was able to pick up my pace and have a good finish.  I was glad the race was only 3.1-ish miles as I am not sure I could run much more beyond that.

I had set a conservative goal of trying to finish under 45 minutes, anticipating some walking during the race.  I ended up finishing in 36 minutes.  My finish time amused me as I am 36 weeks pregnant.  Not too shabby.

Not sure how much running I have left in me until the baby's born but I'll keep trying to get out and at least walk.  I think I may be pretty much done with the running races from here on out.

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