Friday, July 8, 2016

Preggo Week 7 Recap

Preggo Week 7 Recap

For the past 5 weeks, I've been doing a Couch to 5k (C25k) program with some newbie-ish ladies in the Auburn MRTT group.  Thought it'd be fun to do to get some newer runners out.  It's also doesn't require too much of a time commitment to do as the runs are usually about 30 minutes long.  And, I just love helping new people get into running.  

For the first week, we did 30 seconds of running and two minutes of walking for 8 sets.  And, we've been slowing building up to more running, less walking.  For this week, we did 2 minutes of running, 30 seconds of walking for 10 sets.  The gals have been doing great.  

Also this week, I was running with one of the C25k gals, Yvette.  During the first couple weeks, she would frequently say "I am by no means a runner.  I am a walker but I want to do a 5k."  During a run we had together this week, she said "I want to do a 5k this summer, a 10k in the winter, and hopefully a half marathon next year."  I loved hearing this as she most definitely sounds like a runner now!  

Wednesday C25k Run with Yvette

Other than that, I think I've recovered from Western States.  I didn't even run the race but that weekend really did a number on me.  I've also been feeling tired with the pregnancy but getting out helps give me energy.  So, I hope to be getting back into my running groove again.  

Miles for Week 7: 13 miles
Total miles for this pregnancy: 140.45 miles 

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