Friday, July 15, 2016

Preggo Week 8 recap

Preggo Week 8 Recap

Last Saturday, I made it out to a Java Joggers run.  While pushing Ellie in the stroller, I ran the Lake Natoma Loop (11.62 miles) with my friends Cathy and Cindy.  I wasn't so sure if I'd make it all the way around as I hadn't run that many miles the past few weeks but I felt mostly good during the run. Ellie has been great riding in the stroller these days.  I think she likes being on the bike trail as she gets to see lots of things like other runners, dogs, bikes, etc.  It felt great being able to get a nice run in and being out with my running friends.  

And, on Tuesday, I played hooky from work and went on a trail run with some MRTT.   Hubby has been sick, which is tough as it's mostly me taking care of Ellie.  It was nice to get some girl time with my fellow running mamas.  We ran on some trails around the Olmstead Loop in Cool.  I had great fun and it reminded me I need to make more time with my fellow mom friends.  

So, this was a pretty good week of running.  

I also had my first appointment and got to see the baby (on the ultrasound).  So that was exciting.  I've been nervous that something will happen with this pregnancy so it's nice to have a check up to see things are okay.  I'm also really glad that I don't bad morning sickness with this pregnancy as I did last time.  

Total miles for week 8: 24.63
Total miles for this pregnancy: 165.08 

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