Friday, February 10, 2017

Preggo Week 38 Recap

Preggo Week 38 Recap
(February 4-10, 2017)

Good thing about the week is my AMAZING and AWESOME friend gave me her double bob stroller.  I think the mom community is pretty good and the running community is pretty good too but the running mom community is WONDERFUL!!  This double bob is going to hopefully have some fun adventures with me and my two little ones!  Ellie seems to like it. . . hope the new baby likes it too!  I am excited!

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Bad part of the week is I had yet another week of no miles.  :( 

The weather has not helped at all.  Rain, rain, rain!   Crazy torrential storms on a couple days.  

I've been feeling a bit cooped up inside.  Not sure if it's the weather or the fact I am REALLY pregnant now but I been feeling a little cranky and short of patience lately.  I am hoping to go for some short walk/runs once the rain clears up this next week.  

I did meet with Paulo, RD of Singletrack Running, to discuss the Fourmidable race.  I am the volunteer coordinator for the event.  So, I did some work emailing the volunteers and making sure we were all set for the event in a couple weeks.  While I am bummed that I can't race it this year, it is fun being part of the planning and coordinating in putting on an event.  At least I can be involved in races even though I can't be out there. 

Today, I went to see a Western States film, Life in a Day (by Billy Yang films), at the Auburn State Theater.  It was nice to get out of the house and socialize a little.  And, the film was amazing and so inspirational.  I loved that it focused on four elite women, who all had such amazing stories.  Though, the film really made me yearn to run Western States, a dream I've been chasing for five years now.   I can't wait until the day I get to run that race and hit the Placer High Track and run across that finish line with my two little ones. . . .

Total Miles for Week 38: 0 miles
Total Miles for This Pregnancy: 665.1 miles

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