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Preggo Week 39 Recap - Baby Arrives!

Preggo Week 39 Recap - Baby Arrives!
(February 11 - 17, 2017)

On my last week of pregnancy, I was definitely more than ready to have the baby.  I had finished nesting the house was ready and just getting restless.  Also, uncomfortable.  

I did get out for a couple short run/waddle/walks since there was finally a break in the rain.  

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Saturday 2/11 run/waddle/walk

I was kind of hoping for a Valentine's Day baby so went and hiked the K2 loop on Valentine's Day.  K2 (aka Training Hill) is a big hill in Auburn that goes close to 1000 feet in about a mile.  I was hoping the big climb or coming down the Western States trail would jostle the baby out.  Baby decided to not come on Valentine's Day but I did enjoy a beautiful sunny day out on the trails.  This was nice as it's been raining so dang much lately, it's been hard to get out at all.  

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K2 Loop on Valentine's Day

On Wednesday, I went out to Grass Valley and went on a hike with some fellow MRTT gals and our kids.  We hiked at Empire Mine.  This was my first time out there and what a beautiful place.  Will definitely need to go back out there to explore some more.  Ellie had fun running around on the trails.

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On Thursday, I didn't get outside.  Contractions started instead.  They started progressing so I went into the hospital in the early evening.  I labored through the night and at around 6:36 a.m. on February 17, 2017, baby Andrew (aka Andy) was born.  

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Labor and delivery was drastically easier this time than with my first.  It really surprised me.  I was glad to be up and walking around later that day (this was not the case after my first).

Total Miles for Week 39: 15.24 miles
Total Miles for This Pregnancy: 680.34 miles

So, I finished off this pregnancy with 680 miles.  A little less than my last pregnancy (got 700 miles with my first pregnancy).  All in all, this pregnancy was easier than the first.  

I'm very happy my little guy has finally arrived.  We'll see what adventures we share in the future...;-)

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