Saturday, February 18, 2017

Preggo Week 39 Recap - Baby Arrives!

Preggo Week 39 Recap - Baby Arrives!
(February 11 - 17, 2017)

On my last week of pregnancy, I was definitely more than ready to have the baby.  I had finished nesting the house was ready and just getting restless.  Also, uncomfortable.  

I did get out for a couple short run/waddle/walks since there was finally a break in the rain.  

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Saturday 2/11 run/waddle/walk

I was kind of hoping for a Valentine's Day baby so went and hiked the K2 loop on Valentine's Day.  K2 (aka Training Hill) is a big hill in Auburn that goes close to 1000 feet in about a mile.  I was hoping the big climb or coming down the Western States trail would jostle the baby out.  Baby decided to not come on Valentine's Day but I did enjoy a beautiful sunny day out on the trails.  This was nice as it's been raining so dang much lately, it's been hard to get out at all.  

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K2 Loop on Valentine's Day

On Wednesday, I went out to Grass Valley and went on a hike with some fellow MRTT gals and our kids.  We hiked at Empire Mine.  This was my first time out there and what a beautiful place.  Will definitely need to go back out there to explore some more.  Ellie had fun running around on the trails.

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On Thursday, I didn't get outside.  Contractions started instead.  They started progressing so I went into the hospital in the early evening.  I labored through the night and at around 6:36 a.m. on February 17, 2017, baby Andrew (aka Andy) was born.  

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Labor and delivery was drastically easier this time than with my first.  It really surprised me.  I was glad to be up and walking around later that day (this was not the case after my first).

Total Miles for Week 39: 15.24 miles
Total Miles for This Pregnancy: 680.34 miles

So, I finished off this pregnancy with 680 miles.  A little less than my last pregnancy (got 700 miles with my first pregnancy).  All in all, this pregnancy was easier than the first.  

I'm very happy my little guy has finally arrived.  We'll see what adventures we share in the future...;-)

Friday, February 10, 2017

Preggo Week 38 Recap

Preggo Week 38 Recap
(February 4-10, 2017)

Good thing about the week is my AMAZING and AWESOME friend gave me her double bob stroller.  I think the mom community is pretty good and the running community is pretty good too but the running mom community is WONDERFUL!!  This double bob is going to hopefully have some fun adventures with me and my two little ones!  Ellie seems to like it. . . hope the new baby likes it too!  I am excited!

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Bad part of the week is I had yet another week of no miles.  :( 

The weather has not helped at all.  Rain, rain, rain!   Crazy torrential storms on a couple days.  

I've been feeling a bit cooped up inside.  Not sure if it's the weather or the fact I am REALLY pregnant now but I been feeling a little cranky and short of patience lately.  I am hoping to go for some short walk/runs once the rain clears up this next week.  

I did meet with Paulo, RD of Singletrack Running, to discuss the Fourmidable race.  I am the volunteer coordinator for the event.  So, I did some work emailing the volunteers and making sure we were all set for the event in a couple weeks.  While I am bummed that I can't race it this year, it is fun being part of the planning and coordinating in putting on an event.  At least I can be involved in races even though I can't be out there. 

Today, I went to see a Western States film, Life in a Day (by Billy Yang films), at the Auburn State Theater.  It was nice to get out of the house and socialize a little.  And, the film was amazing and so inspirational.  I loved that it focused on four elite women, who all had such amazing stories.  Though, the film really made me yearn to run Western States, a dream I've been chasing for five years now.   I can't wait until the day I get to run that race and hit the Placer High Track and run across that finish line with my two little ones. . . .

Total Miles for Week 38: 0 miles
Total Miles for This Pregnancy: 665.1 miles

Friday, February 3, 2017

Preggy Week 37 Recap

Preggo Week 37 Recap
(January 28 - February 3, 2017)

The weather cleared up so I finally went out one day for a run/walk for about an hour.  I pushed Ellie in the stroller and took our dog too.  It was a beautiful day out and I felt pretty good for the little run stretches I did.  I had to walk any sort of hill but I could run about 3 minute intervals without stopping. 

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On another day, I took Ellie for a hike along the Clementine trail.  I have mostly avoided trails during the latter stages of my pregnancy since I had a fall on a trail run last pregnancy (baby was fine but it resulted in a big ol' hassle of being hospitalized for a day while they monitored baby and me).  While I have avoided the trails, I have really missed the trails.  

So, I took Ellie out one day for a nice hike along the trails. I carried her in the hiking carrier I got last month.  She mostly had fun but about partway through, she started having a toddler tantrum (she needed a nap) and cried on the way back to the car.  That was a bit of a challenge. But, glad I got out there. 

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This past week,  I had a couple baby sprinkle showers -- one with close family and friends and another with my Moms Run This Town running group.  It was nice spending some time with family and friends celebrating the new baby.  Can't believe the time is coming soon!  

My MRTT group also had our monthly running book club meeting this week.  While I am not running or racing much these days, I did enjoy reading about running in Corey Reese's book "Nowhere Near First."  It was a really funny book with a lot of helpful tips.  And, I could relate to many parts of the book. Definitely recommend reading it!  

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All in all, a good week.  I got out a little bit this week so that was good.  :) 

Total Miles for Week 37: 6.47 miles
Total Miles for this Pregnancy: 665.1 miles

Friday, January 27, 2017

Preggo Week 36 Recap

Preggo Week 36 Recap
(January 21-27, 2017)

I started maternity leave this week so it was nice to have stopped working.  Unfortunately, I got a stomach bug this week so that made things rough for a couple days.  

When I started feeling better, I was in full nesting mode so mostly did a bunch of house projects -- setting up the new toddler room, washing the new baby clothes, setting up the nursery, organizing the pantry, etc. . . 

While I accomplished a lot this week, I did little running.  The cold and wet weather has not made me motivated get out.  

I did have my 36 week check up.  Thankfully my blood pressure is still nice and low.  I get concerned as in my last pregnancy, my BP spiked at the end and I had to be induced.  And because of the high BP, there were a lot of complications to the labor/delivery.  This time, I have no swelling and blood pressure remains low so I am hopeful for a smoother labor and delivery.  

Doctor says I am already 1 cm dilated so farther along than at this time with Ellie so maybe the baby will come a little early.

The family and I also took a short trip to Monterey this past week for a little getaway before the baby came.  We had a nice mellow time just hanging out.  The weather was lovely.  We went to the Monterey Aquarium and had a lot of fun.  Ellie loved seeing all the fishies!

I didn't get any running done but had a pretty good week and some quality time with the family.  :) 

Miles for week 36:  0
Miles for this pregnancy: 658.63

Friday, January 20, 2017

Preggo Week 35 Recap

Preggo Week 35 Recap
(January 14-20, 2017)

I did manage to go on one kid hike with Ellie and my friend Irish and her daughter.  It was fun seeing how excited Ellie was to trot along the trails.  She only lasted maybe 1/3 of a mile before I had to carry her the rest of the way but she enjoyed being out on the trails, as did I.  

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Other than that, I wasn't able to run, waddle, or walk outside much due to heavy rains.  And the room where my treadmill is a HUGE mess of junk right now.  I've also been preoccupied with work as this was my last week of work.  I was trying to wrap everything up so things have been put on the back burner.  Hoping to get some hikes in once the rain goes away and I'm on maternity leave.

Total Miles for Preggo Week 35: 1.0 miles
Total Miles for This Pregnancy: 658.63 miles

Friday, January 13, 2017

Preggo Week 34 Recap

Preggo Week 34 Recap
(January 7-13, 2017)

This past Sunday, I attempted to do a treadmill run for an hour or so but only lasted 25 minutes.  I didn't warm up as long as I should have I think.  I ran/walked for about a mile then started feeling really light headed so started walking mostly.  I had to stop at 1.6 miles as I was still light headed.  I had intentions of doing 4-5 miles so felt really lame I had to cut it short.  I know it was good that I stopped but I wonder if my preggo running days are coming to an end.  

Felt deflated after that treadmill run and I got preoccupied with work that I didn't run the rest of the week. 

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Total Miles for Preggo Week 34: 1.6 miles
Total Miles for This Pregnancy: 657.63 miles

Friday, January 6, 2017

Preggo Week 33 Recap

Preggo Week 33 Recap
(December 31, 2016 - January 6, 2017)

So, I haven't written anything the past few weeks as I stopped running for a few weeks following CIM.  I recovered pretty quickly after the marathon but things got busy with the holidays and work.  And since my main running goal for the year was over with, running kind of went on the back burner for a bit. 

As the New Year came, I felt motivated to start running again.  I got a couple road runs in and a few runs on the treadmill, when it was too cold and wet outside.   It was nice getting back into running.  Though, I am definitely feeling more pregnant -- bigger and slower. 

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I've also been feeling a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out) as many friends are kicking back up their training for their races in this new year.  This is prime training/running season for events such as Way Too Cool, Salmon Falls, Fourmidable, Canyons, Western States, and other fun events.  I love running the trails this time of year but this season, I have to sit on the sidelines and that's been hard for mentally/emotionally.  I feel SO left out.  I feel like I'm missing out on the fun.  

Also, around 33 weeks during my last pregnancy, I fell on the Stagecoach trail during a run.  Both Ellie and I were fine after the fall but I ended up having to spend 24 hours in the hospital being monitored and I was bruised badly all over.  While I'm tempted to go join some friends out on the trails, I also don't want to deal with another fall so being good and avoiding running on the trails (For now).  But, seeing all the pictures of my many friends having fun trail adventures has been hard.  

I did get in a couple hikes on the trail so I could still get a little trail time.  It's not quite the same as running the trails but it's better than nothing I suppose.  I did recently get a new kid hiking carrier and took Ellie on a short hike from No Hands Bridge. She loved riding in the carrier and enjoyed being out on the trails so I look forward to taking her out on more outside adventures.  Sharing the trails with her is pretty special.  :) 

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I also recently registered for Rio Del Lago (RDL) 100 miler in November.  It is nice to have something officially on the calendar to look forward too.  It'll be another challenging post-baby journey to a 100 mile finish line but at least, I'll have about 9 months to train unlike the 5 months postpartum like I had at my last RDL.  

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Total Miles for Preggo Week 33: 33.79 miles
Total Miles for This Pregnancy: 656.03 miles