Friday, November 18, 2016

Preggo Week 26 Recap

Preggo Week 26 Recap 
(November 12-18, 2016)

This was not a good week of running.

Did get a nice stroller run with a fellow MRTT mom on Saturday.  

The rest of the week got occupied with work.  It's been extra busy and stressful.  On top of the stress of where my future career lies, I had a big case I had to deal with this week that caused a lot of added stress.  The stress was particularly rough on me.  I think it started making me feel sick: headache, nausea, light-headed-ness, low energy, etc. . . I did get one week day morning with the dog, which helped clear my head a bit.  Other than that, it was a tough week.  

I did keep with the Planksgiving Challenge in doing a plank each day and giving thanks for something.  I was mostly thankful to come home after hard days to a loving, snuggly toddler.  :)


Total miles for week 26: 7.83 miles
Total miles for this pregnancy: 579.97 miles

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