Friday, August 5, 2016

Preggo Week 11 Recap

Preggo Week 11 Recap

Last weekend was the Blood Sweat Beers (BSB) race.  I had been on the fence on whether to run it or not.  Last year, it was my first postpartum race so it would be nice to see how I compared from last year.  My hubby was going to run it so I would have to figure out child care.  I kind of waited on whether to register until it was too late and the race was sold out.  I am glad I didn't end up running the race as the past couple weeks, I haven't had the energy to run.  The heat has been really hard on me.  

Instead, I showed up to the race finish (after hubby had finished) and hung out with some running friends.  So that was fun.  Though, I sometimes feel like detached from my running friends.  They not only run but have social lives together and I feel left out.  It's tough when you have a toddler (and now another baby on the way).  They were having a fun post-race party but I can only stay for so long as the wee one needed her nap (and frankly, I needed a nap too).  

I started to get back into running and decided to start trying heart rate training.  I figure with me being pregnant was a good time to try it.  When I get more pregnant, it'll be hard for me figure out what is a good pace for me so I thought it'll be good to try HR training.  

On August 1st, I did a Maffetone (MAF) test.  After a warm up, I ran three miles trying to keep my HR around 144.  My results were:

Mile 1: 10:56 min/mile
Mile 2: 11:21 min/mile
Mile 3: 11:25 min/mile

I plan to do the test at the beginning of each month.  It is hard to run slow and keep the HR down.  We'll see how HR training goes.  

Other than that, I got back to leading the C25k runs.  Those have been fun.  It's fun seeing the progress of the runners.  We are at week 9 now of the 12 week plan so they were running 5 minutes, walking 45 seconds for 5 sets.   In a few weeks, they'll be running their 5k.  I can't wait!  

Total miles for week 11: 11.73
Total miles for this pregnancy: 179.18

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