Friday, August 19, 2016

Preggo Week 13 Recap

Preggo Week 13 Recap

This week, I started my training plan for CIM.  I'm following a marathon plan from Matt Fitzgerald's book "80/20 Running: Run Strong and Race Faster by Training Slower".  This is a HR training plan where you mostly run slow, keeping HR in lower zones.  I think this is the best training plan for me to do while pregnant.  I don't have to worry about pace and just run by heart rate.  

I was able to consistently get my weekday runs on the treadmill in the evenings after putting Ellie to bed.  It's nice to get back into a routine of running again.  I'm still tired, especially when I get home from work.  But, I've been making myself stick to the plan.  And as always, I feel better and more energized after my runs.  :) 

Tuesday starting CIM training
(Also week 13 bump pic)

I'm still doing the C25k plan.  My three runners are doing great and look like they're ready for their 5k in a couple weeks!  

Other than that, I've been enjoying watching the Olympics.  Watching track and field has been exciting.  I really enjoyed watching the women's marathon.  They talked about how it was the biggest women's field ever.  I'm glad to see more inspiring women runners.  I had Ellie watch with me, hoping she'll get a little inspiration. ;-)

Total Miles for Week 13: 16.33
Total Miles for this Pregnancy: 215.7 

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