Friday, August 26, 2016

Preggo Week 14 Recap

Preggo Week 14 Recap
(August 20-26)

As in my last post, I worked Pioneer Spirit all day on Saturday.  On Sunday, hubby was doing a cycling event so it was just me and Ellie at home.  It was warm out and I wanted to sleep in so I didn't get my run in until Ellie Took her late morning nap.  I ran 7 miles on the treadmill while trying to keep my heart rate in Zone 2.  I listened to some podcasts and had the baby monitor on.  The baby slept until the last mile but played in her crib until I finished my run (thank you for not fussing!).

Sunday treadmill run
14 week baby bump pic

The rest of the week went well with training.  It was tough at first trying to run slow but it's actually been nice.  I don't think about my pace.  I just run easy and slow down when I see my HR start to rise.    Lots of treadmill running lately has allowed me to catch up on a lot of podcasts (Trail Runner Nation, Ultra Running Podast, and Becoming Ultra).

I had been inconsistent with my running the past month or so.  It's nice to be getting back into a running routine. 

Total Miles for Mile 14: 22.16
Total Miles for this Pregnancy: 237.86 

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