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Week 20 Recap: Urban Cow 1/2 & more

Preggo Week 20 Recap: Urban Cow 1/2 Marathon and more
(October 1-7)

After a week of hardly any running, I finally got back into my running groove.  This was a pretty good week.  Got a lot of miles in.    

On Saturday, I spent the day volunteering at FLUT (see my last post on that recap).  Volunteering at the race really helped pep me up from my running funk.  I made sure I didn't work too late to avoid feeling completely wiped out.  

Urban Cow Half Marathon
On Sunday, I got up early and went with my friends to run the Urban Cow 1/2 Marathon.  I originally had not planned to run this race but was asked to by another friend.  And, I thought running the race with friends would be more fun than running alone, possibly on the treadmill, for my long run.  

Me & Baby #2 are ready to race!

The race went pretty well for me.  I ran the whole race with my friend David.  Saw a number of other friends out there so that was nice.  The weather was perfect.  I was supposed to keep my heart rate in Zone 2 but I ran a little faster than I should have and let my heart rate get a little higher than "the plan" but I felt fine for most of it.  I was pretty good about holding back for the first half but the second half, I just ran what felt good, even though I saw my heart was higher than I was "supposed" to be in.    

Me with David at the race start  

I was eating gels every 4 miles but forgot at mile 12 and about 1/2 mile later, definitely feeling my legs lose energy so took a gel for the last bit.    

About half a mile from the finish, David wanted to kick it up.  I stayed right behind him and had a nice sprinting finish at the end.  I was definitely tired by the end but happy I finished around 2:21.  It's 30 minutes slower than when I ran a half this past June but considering how slow my training runs have been (trying to keep HR low), I had expected a slower time.  I was very pleased with the time.  

Three things that went well: 
1.  Paced myself mostly well.  Ran negative splits.  Ran the first half relatively conservatively and then picked it up the second half.  

2.  Had fun out there.  Saw many friends and had fun just chit chatting and laughing with David.  When we passed by some good music, waved our hands up in the air "dancing" to the music.  David commented on how I'd pick up my pace when we'd pass by a good peppy song!

3.  Hydrated well.  I haven't been the best at hydrating in general but I think I hydrated myself well during and after the race.

Somewhere in the middle of the race.  I'm not sweating, I'm glowing! ;-)

Things that could be better:
1.  Keeping the heart rate in the zone I am supposed to.  For my heart rate training, I need to be consistent with keeping it in the lower zone.  It had been helpful but I let my heart rate get higher than planned for the second half and definitely the last mile.  I definitely could feel myself tiring out around mile 12.  When I run in my lower heart rate zone, I feel like I can go at that pace forever.  I just need to remember to stay slow when I'm running the marathon in December.

2.  Fueling.  I ate about 3 Salted Watermelon GUs during the race.  I ate them about every 4 miles.  Around mile 12, I forgot and ate it about 1/2 mile later when I started feeling my energy level dip.  Need to remember to not get too distracted chatting with friends and eat when I'm supposed to.  :P

3.  Need to put lube around where my heart rate monitor is.  There was some chaffing on my sides and I need to be better about that as it can get rough in the later miles.

All in all, a great race!

Monday MAF Test for October

I've been really running lower heart rate and doing a Maffetone test (MAF test) on the first day of the month for the past couple months.  Since the 1st was FLUT and the 2nd was Urban Cow, I didn't do the MAF test until the 3rd (on Monday).

Here are my results:

One mile warm up, 3 miles with my heart rate as close to 144 as possible then cool down.

After warm up,
Mile 1: 11:00
Mile 2: 11:01
Mile 3: 11:23

The first and third mile were slightly slower than last month but the range between them are closer so that's good (I think).  I also consider the fact that I ran a half the day before might have been a factor.   Also, I am pregnant and getting heavier.  We'll see what the next month holds.

Tuesday Track Workout

On Tuesday, I managed to go out to the Placer High Track for their Tuesday track workouts.  I went a little early and I did mostly my own workout but it was fun seeing some friends out there.  And, it was fun doing a little speed work on the track, though it's a little extra work pushing a stroller.

Ellie was really good hanging out in the stroller during my workout.  Afterwards, I let her run a little bit on the track.  Can't wait until she gets a little older and can actually run around the track!

Wednesday ultrasound
On Wednesday, I had my 20 week sonogram.  I'm happy to report that baby is looking healthy.  I'm relieved that he's doing well.  It was wonderful to see him.  Got to see his heart beating so that was neat!  He was wiggling all over the place too.  Funny, my ultrasound tech at one point said "he looks like he's ready to run!"  Maybe I have a little runner growing in me!  ;-)

Other than that, I also ran a nice 7ish miler with the dog on Thursday evening.  So, a good week of training.  Got some good miles in and I felt great!  The nicer fall weather has been super helpful too!

Total miles for week 20: 40.05 miles
Title miles for this pregnancy: 419.03 miles

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