Friday, October 28, 2016

Preggo Week 23 Recap

Preggo Week 23 Recap
(October 22-28, 2016)

After a long stressful week at work, I went on a nice long run on Saturday with a couple runs around Auburn.  I felt great during ther run, even though it was slow going on some points (especially on the hills).  I was glad to get a long training run in for CIM. It's been tough to run on the weekdays but I felt pretty good on my long run.  Running with good friends also pepped up my spirits after a hard week at work too!  I've been doing a lot of running alone so I appreciate the times I get to run with friends!  Makes the runs all the better!  :)

For the rest of the week, I had intentions to get back to my training schedule but only got one evening treadmill run in.  It was another busy, stressful week at work.  Coming home after a long day makes it hard to run in the evening.

Total miles for week 23: 23.31 miles
Total miles for this pregnancy: 490.85 miles

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