Friday, October 21, 2016

Preggo Week 22 Recap

Preggo Week 22 Recap
(October 15-21, 2016)

Overlook Endurance Race - Volunteering

Last Saturday, I volunteered as the captain for the finish line at the Overlook Endurance Runs.  This race was put on by the legendary Ann Trason (who was my coach earlier in the year but I stopped having her as my coach when I got pregnant).  She puts on a great event!

Many friends as well as my husband ran the race.  I had many friends also come help out at the finish BBQ area.  Though there was rain the days leading up to the race and the morning of the race, most of the rain stopped during the race so that was nice.

many of my MRTT friends post-race with Ann Trason
The race course had to be changed at the last minute due to the rain and State Parks not wanting people to cross the river.  State Parks wanted to cancel the race but Ann managed to convince them to allow a course change.  Many people were disappointed in the change but understood the circumstances.  The nice thing about the change is that the race started and finished at the Overlook instead of going point to point.  Perhaps not as exciting/fun for the racer but it makes it easier on the spectator.

I was able to go out to the race early to watch the 50k runners start and then later the 30k/15k runners.  After that, the other volunteers and I helped set up the BBQ/finish food area.  We put up a little tent city and set out all the food Ann had gotten for all the finisher's.  And what a menu she had.  All sorts of stuff to grill -- burgers, veggie burgers, salmon burgers, sausages, hotdog;  in addition to that, there was grilled cheese, black bean soup, chicken noodle soup, potato salad, watermelon, a ton of homemade cookies, and so forth.  Probably one of the better race finish foods I've ever seen.

The day was a lot of fun seeing many friends finish the race along with working in a fun finish area.  I always love seeing a running community come together for an event.

Me with the MRTT gals who helped volunteer at the finish

Around the late morning, they had a fairly informal kids race.  Ellie participated in it.  She just had so much fun running around squealing.  I love seeing the pure joy of a toddler running around.

Ellie running in the kids race!
When my husband finished, Ellie went running to him at the finish line squealing "daddy!!'  It was a special moment to see and I'm sure very special for him too.

Ellie excited to see daddy finish the race!

All in all, it was a fun day volunteering at another event.

The rest of the week

After volunteering all day long, I am just beat the rest of the weekend.  On Sunday, I was too tired to get up early to get my long run in so I ran later in the evening on the treadmill.  I had intentions to run long but only managed to do 7 miles.  I just wasn't feeling it.  And, it wasn't just because I was on a treadmill but my legs had new aches in them.  I think due to the added pregnancy weight.  I had to take a lot of walk breaks and decided to call it quits when I got to 7 miles.  I was a bit disappointed on this but decided to just call it my step back week and do more next week.  

I got another short run on the treadmill during the week and had intentions to run more but it just did't happen, mostly due to work stress.  Work's been especially stressful lately.  There's a transition going on that hasn't been going as well as expected.  On top of that, the work itself has gotten busier.  I just feel overwhelmed at work and having a hard time focusing due to the transition drama.

When I come home from work, I am so tired or preoccupied, I am not motivated to run.  Also, having an energetic toddler is quite the handful as well.  Even though I know running will help me feel better, I am just not able to get my runs in.

During the week, the work stuff was really getting to me so I shared my work situation with my running friends and the support they gave me helped a lot.  It was nice being reminded that I am part of an amazing running community.  This community I am part of is beyond running but sharing our ups and downs in life and supporting one another.  I am grateful for that.  :)

Total miles for week 22: 14.75 miles
Total miles for this pregnancy: 467.54 miles

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