Friday, January 27, 2017

Preggo Week 36 Recap

Preggo Week 36 Recap
(January 21-27, 2017)

I started maternity leave this week so it was nice to have stopped working.  Unfortunately, I got a stomach bug this week so that made things rough for a couple days.  

When I started feeling better, I was in full nesting mode so mostly did a bunch of house projects -- setting up the new toddler room, washing the new baby clothes, setting up the nursery, organizing the pantry, etc. . . 

While I accomplished a lot this week, I did little running.  The cold and wet weather has not made me motivated get out.  

I did have my 36 week check up.  Thankfully my blood pressure is still nice and low.  I get concerned as in my last pregnancy, my BP spiked at the end and I had to be induced.  And because of the high BP, there were a lot of complications to the labor/delivery.  This time, I have no swelling and blood pressure remains low so I am hopeful for a smoother labor and delivery.  

Doctor says I am already 1 cm dilated so farther along than at this time with Ellie so maybe the baby will come a little early.

The family and I also took a short trip to Monterey this past week for a little getaway before the baby came.  We had a nice mellow time just hanging out.  The weather was lovely.  We went to the Monterey Aquarium and had a lot of fun.  Ellie loved seeing all the fishies!

I didn't get any running done but had a pretty good week and some quality time with the family.  :) 

Miles for week 36:  0
Miles for this pregnancy: 658.63

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