Friday, September 9, 2016

Preggo Week 16 Recap

Preggo Week 16 Recap
(September 3-9, 2016)

Had a pretty good week.  Feeling pretty good and glad I did more outdoor runs than treadmill runs this week.  

After a couple weeks of mostly treadmill runs,  I have been missing running outside and with friends.  Hubby watched Ellie on Saturday morning so I could get a long run in.  I went and met up with some friends who were running long.  

I mostly ran half my run with my friend Edd.  We ran from Beals Point to Lake Natoma.  It was SO nice being able to run outside and with people.  I saw many friends out and about that morning so that was nice too.  Back out in civilization!  

I wasn't going as far as the others so I turned early and ran the second half of the run alone.  I enjoyed myself.  

For this run, I kept my HR in Zone 2 and that was really nice later in the run.  Even though it was slow, I felt like I could keep going on that pace for awhile.  I even felt good after the run.  

Saturday morning run

For the rest of the week, I managed to get more outdoor runs in.  It helped that this is Craig's short week at work so he's home in the evenings so I can take the dog out for an evening run. 

Training has been going well.  Sticking to the plan.  I've been doing good keeping up with yoga challenge too.  My right hip has been bothering me when I sit around too long so the yoga stretches have been helpful for that too.  

Bridge pose and week 16 baby bump pic

Tuesday run after work with Ellie and Lyla
really hard to keep HR in zone 2 while pushing a stroller on a warm day

Total miles for week 16: 43.12 
Total miles for this pregnancy: 315.93
(As compared to last pregnancy, after 16 weeks, I had only run 162.92 miles so I'm almost double the miles of my last pregnancy at this time).  :D 

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