Friday, September 30, 2016

Preggo Week 19 Recap

Preggo Week 19 Recap
(September 24-30)

This was not such a good week of running/training.  Working all day long at UROC really wiped me out and took a few days to recover.  I felt almost hungover the day after -- tired, headache, a little queasy, etc.  So, I rested and didn't get a long run in.  

Was maybe going to try to get a long run in on Monday but work got really stressful this week.  Work is really stressful and frustrating these days as we are all losing our jobs.  We're in some weird "transition" where people are hoping to get jobs at the new firm but most people have no idea what is going to happen.  People don't know if they will get a job or not.  I don't know what is going to happen and it's extra stressful since I'm pregnant and will need to take maternity leave in January.  While I know you're not supposed to discriminate against a woman for being pregnant, I don't feel so confident getting a job in my current pregnant state. "Please hire me but I'm going to need January to May off."  While waiting to get interviewed by the new firm, I have been applying to a number of other jobs.  Just keeping hoping for someone to call soon.  On top of that, my work load just seems overwhelming these days.  

Anyhow, this work stuff is really wearing on me.  I try my best not to be stressed and it probably would have helped if I ran more to de-stress but I just got overwhelmed with everything.   

It was also a tough week as it's hubby's long week at work so he's not home in the evenings.  I take care of my toddler after a long day of work.  I was also busy this week preparing for the Folsom Lake Ultra Trail (FLUT).  I am the volunteer coordinator.  Did a lot of emailing and communicating to various volunteers and the RD Paulo to make sure everything will go smoothly on race day.  (To be clear, I'm not complaining.  I love being the volunteer coordinator and being part of putting on a race event).  

Anyhow, it was a busy week and I only ran one day for 45 minutes on the treadmill.  I had wanted to do more but some weeks are just tougher doing the juggling act than others.  

Enough of the bummer part of my week, the good part of my week was that this week I started meal planning and cooking dinners at home more.  My mom's running group (Auburn MRTT) really helped inspire me to start doing that for healthier eating (and saving money).  I may exercise and seemingly lead a healthy life but my eating habits are hardly "healthy."  But, I am enjoying this meal planning and preparing meals at home rather than hitting the fast-food drive thru.  I hope to be able to keep up with this new "routine."  I am starting with easier meals to prepare first and hopefully in time, venture to new recipes and such.  :)

Dinner Sunday evening - chicken piccata

Total miles running for week 19: 3.6 miles
Total miles running for this pregnancy: 378.98 miles

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