Friday, September 23, 2016

Preggo Week 18 Recap

Preggo Week 18 Recap
(Sept 17-23, 2016)

On Saturday, I took Ellie to San Francisco to visit my mom and grandma.  It was nice for us to visit with family (especially my grandma who's about to turn 93).  While a nice visit, it was a long day of traveling to the Bay Area and back.  And of course, no running was done.  

On Sunday, I needed to get my run in so hubby watched the baby in the morning and I went out early to Lake Natoma to get a long run in.  I got a few miles in before meeting up with my Java Jogger friends to do a Lake Natoma loop.  Nice to be running outside AND with friends!  It was really nice to catch up with some old running friends as we did our usual loop together.  Just like old times where we had many amusing conversations and laughs.

I was mostly good in keeping my heart rate in Zone 2 but it did creep up a few times as it's hard to restrain myself when I'm running and chatting away with friends.  But, I did keep an average heart rate of 140 so that's pretty good for what I'm supposed to be doing.  

I ended up with a hair over 17 miles.  My longest run this pregnancy so far.  Everything felt pretty good on this run.  Towards the end, I was getting tired and hot (glad I started early).  I feel like marathon training is coming along fairly well.

After I got back home, I did some yoga that had some really good hip stretches so that was nice.  And the rest of the day, other than wanting to eat and nap, my legs and such felt pretty good.  This heart rate training has been in nice as I have to run slower so I find I don't over exert my legs so I'm not hobbling around like an old woman after my long runs.  

The rest of the week went a little better than last week in getting the week day runs done.  It helped that my hubby had most of the week off work so I was able to get some night runs with the dog in. 

On Wednesday, the hubby, baby and I went to Auburn Running Company for a Hoka Demo Run.  Hubby wanted to try the new Hokas.  I'm not a fan of Hoka but I went along for the run.  The community runs from the running store typically go on the trails so I mostly run/hiked with the stroller, not with the group.  I was originally just going to run around on the roads around this store.  But, I followed the group down to Robie Point.  When I got there, I decided to do a short loop around Robie Point since I knew the trails were smooth enough for the stroller.   

Getting down the hill, I had to be cautious with the stroller but once I hit the flatter sections, it was wonderful being out on the trails.  Ellie really enjoyed being out as she was babbling away as she checked out the sights.  

After looping around, I had to climb my way back up to Robie Point, which was a little tough pushing the stroller up but not too bad.  But once I got to Robie Point, I forgot how freakin' steep the road is to the Mile 99 sign.  And pushing a stroller with a toddler made it an extra challenging work out.  I definitely was not able to keep my heart rate in Zone 2 on the climb, even though I was hiking (not running).

I eventually made it back to the running store but for a short 3.3 mile loop, there was quite a bit of climbing involved.  A good work out though!  And always fun to take my kid out on the trails!  

I'm still keeping up with the yoga challenge.  I sometimes do the poses with Ellie, which is fun!  I've slacked on some days in doing yoga but I'm trying to do it every day as it helps so much!

As for the pregnancy this week, everything is feeling ok.  I am definitely feeling more pregnant as far as getting bigger.  There is definitely a bump now.  I get a bit anxious at times on whether the baby is doing okay.  For some reason, I keep hearing stories of miscarriages lately and it makes me really sad for my friends (or people in my mom groups) who lost their babies and really worried something will happen to this baby.  I don't remember feeling quite so worried during my last pregnancy.  I try not to worry too much but looking forward to our sonogram in a couple weeks to hopefully reassure me that things are developing along okay with the baby.  

Total Miles for Week 18:  32.48 miles
Total Miles for this pregnancy: 375.38 miles 

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